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Manheim Central Online Learning Academy

MCSD is committed to implementing strategies to enhance the education of our learners through the Manheim Central Online Academy (MCOA). The online learning experience allows for anytime-anywhere learning. The district is also committed to meeting the unique needs of each learner.

We strongly believe in keeping our online learners involved through relationships, opportunities, and experiences. As such, Manheim Central learners may participate in school events, activities, and athletics. Additionally, all Manheim Central online courses are facilitated by a Manheim Central teacher who assists in enhancing the online learning experience. They also receive a Manheim Central diploma at the end of their senior year. If a learner wants to return to the physical classroom, we will work together to ensure a seamless transition back to one of our school buildings.

Benefits of Manheim Central Online Learning Academy vs. Cyber Charter Schools

  • Manheim Central offers full-time and part-time online learning opportunities.
    • Full-time Online Option: The learner takes 100% of their courses through MCOA and does not attend any face-to-face classes within our building.
    • Blended Online Option: Some courses are taken online through MCOA, other courses are taken face-to-face in one of our buildings. 
      • Please note:
      • The blended online option is available for Grades 5-12 only.
      • Families will need to provide their own transportation for part-time online learners.
  • Learners earn a Manheim Central School District diploma and have access to Manheim Central staff for support.
  • High level of communication from the District with each learner and parent/guardian regarding pacing, performance, and progress toward graduation.
  • Ability to participate in all school district-sponsored sports, clubs, band, organizations, musicals, and plays; attend school district activities; and participate in Manheim Central’s commencement.
  • Access to Manheim Central School District school counselor for academic planning, mental health support, and post-secondary planning.
  • Ability to attend the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center program during junior and senior years.
  • Access to Manheim Central’s online learning classroom for in-person support at the secondary level.
  • Ability to earn the same number of credits as a traditional Manheim Central High School learner.

 If you have any questions, please complete the MCOA Online Academy Request form to learn more today!